That officer, out of the corner of his right eye saw those two males approach, while one reaches to the left side of his trousers. Not sure why, pulling up his pants?? But that move by that male, was enough for that officer to pull out his gun into the ready position. I believe he was justified and now he is a politically been thrown under the bus to de escalate tensions.

Once again, those in trouble refused to obey officers orders and continued to make a scene, knowing that by making a scene worse they can be called victims, YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM when you do not follow the officers commands (by law). I blame democrats, the President, and the media for stoking racial tensions and causing further division. I also predicted all of this would happen as blacks would be frustrated towards the end of Obama’s term when they realize their lots have not improved thus blaming cops, whites and any others except those in their own ranks who commit crimes against their own race, killing one another black on black, on white, and killing cops. Your not victims when you are criminal. You are just criminal and when this race finally is self accountable and are not played for votes by Dems then maybe they will realize the importance of no kids out of wedlock, authority and the rewards of hard work rather than relying on the govt they will succeed. But the whole victim race card is doing just the opposite as race relations get worse due to the press and the president.